Full Gold Sovereigns

Full gold sovereign coins are struck and supplied by the Royal Mint. Like all British gold coins they are 22 carat gold and contain 7.315 grams of 24ct gold. Full gold sovereigns coins are the UK's most invested gold coin with a nominal value of one pound sterling. In addition to full gold sovereigns, sovereigns are struck in several other sizes including half sovereigns, quarter sovereigns, double sovereigns and quintuple sovereigns otherwise known as £5 gold coins.

The full sovereign design features the traditional shield and crown motif on the reverse which was later succeeded by a portrayal of St. George slaying a dragon which was engraved by Benedetto Pistrucci. Gold sovereigns are one of the most commonly manufactured and recognisable coins in the world and usually attract higher premiums than other Internationally minted gold coins such as the South African Krugerrand bullion coin. This additional premium is a result of the higher associated costs from manufacturing as well as the higher demand for the coin both with British and overseas bullion investors and collectors who wish to buy gold sovereigns.

Tax Free Gold Sovereigns

Gold sovereigns are especially popular with British gold investors due to their status as British Legal Tender. This status means sovereigns do not attract capital gains tax and are a tax free investment unlike other similar Internationally minted gold coins.