Sell Gold Sovereigns

Selling your Gold Sovereigns to is extremely simple.

If you want to sell Gold Sovereigns then simply contact us to let us know how many sovereigns you want to sell & with any relevant details.

We will contact you back with a guide valuation. If you then want to go ahead & sell your sovereigns then all you need to do is to send them to us by special delivery so that we can give you an accurate valuation by examining your coins - this ensures that you always get a fair price for your gold sovereigns.

If you want to sell we'll get your money to you the same day, if not we simply return your coins to you by special delivery.

Selling is simple. You can get an idea of the prices we buy bullion grade gold sovereigns for below. This price will change as the gold price changes, so please contact us for the current sell gold price

Some of your sovereigns may have a value over the gold content depending on the condition of your sovereigns & other factors.

Once we have had the opportunity to see your sovereigns in person then we may be able to offer you a better price than the prices shown above.

We can make payment by direct bank transfer, cheque, or paypal on the same day that we agree a price.

Gold Sovereigns